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The Lake Placid ARP Church held its first service on May 9, 1926 with 24 charter members present.The property, church and manse were donated to the Home Missions Board by the E. C. Stuart family of Bartow. Rev Robert E. Huey was the first minister sent by the Missions Board.His wife, Macie Huey, started the first Women's Society which later became the W.O.C.


In 1957 an educational wing was added to the church. A beautiful new manse was built in 1969 and was first occupied by Rev. Bob DeWitt and family.The sanctuary was enlarged in 1976 to its present size. In 1982 a large fellowship hall, church office, parlor and classrooms were added.The educational building was expanded in 1990 to include more classrooms, a library, and a music department.

Also another manse was acquired for the associate pastor. In 1995 another house was purchased and became the Youth Power House. In 1999 a small house across from the church was purchased and renovated for use as the church office.The church has been served by thirteen pastors, many of whom were graduates of Erskine Seminary.The present Senior Pastor, Rev. Ray Cameron (who has served since 1985), is among them. Rev. Drew Severance has served as Associate Pastor since 1999.​

On February 17, 2002 a Contemporary Worship Service was held in Friendship Hall, with 180 in attendance. Currently there are three services of worship each Lord's Day morning. In 2003 a Director of Children's Ministries, a Facility Manager, a Christian Counselor, and a Youth Intern were added to the church staff to meet the needs of a growing and active congregation. An additional secretary was added to the staff in 2001.


Due to God's grace the church has steadily grown over the years and now has a membership of 742 and active programs for all ages. On Sundays both traditional and contemporary worship services are available.  We also have numerous ways for you to be connected- click on the links above to explore the various ministries and ways you can get plugged in! 


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